The Homestead

The Homestead

All roads lead to home... here on the prairie. It is where we find comfort and and and belonging.
There is nothing better than creating a homestead that you love to live in and your family can't wait to get home to.

Metamorphosis Monday: Dining Room & Towel Rack

This weekend I had two mini metamorphoses: one in the dining room and the other to the bathroom.

Show Us Where You Live: Laundry Room

Well we don't have children yet... so no "play room" and we don't really have a "bonus room"... just bedrooms that are craft, exercise and guest rooms. So... looks like you get a tour of my laundry room!! ;)

Vintage Aviation Tablescape

Old Cupboard Makeover

My guest bathroom is very small, has one small under-the-sink cupboard for storage, no medicine cabinet and literally no counter space. Needless to say, storage is a little bit of an issue.
So when I came across this barn wood cabinet in an antique mall... I saw EXTRA STORAGE written all over it!!

Show Us Where You Live: The Office

I've seen a few of her parties with different rooms...but this is my first time participating. It is always so fun to see how everyone else decorates. Without further ado... Our Office:

Old West Tablescape

Are you ready to go back in time? To The Old West!

Memorial Day "Old Glory" Tablescape

Nothing celebrates Memorial Day like the Red, White, and Blue with a Texas sunset

Cherries and Polka Dots

Today I wanted to go with something cheery and fun... but practical for casual outdoor dining. Of course I had to incorporate some red, polka dots and cherries!

Pink Chic

For this week's Tablescape...I wanted to go with something feminine but chic... and the perfect combination (to me) is pink accented with black and white. This assemblage is a combination of things that I find pretty and delightful... simple and classic.

Taste of the Gulf Coast

I wanted to go with a "Gulf Coast" sea theme... using everything that is so delightful about living on the coast. Seashells, star fish, hydrangeas, mason jars and sweet tea...all enjoyed with a gentle breeze under the rising moon. An absolutely perfect setting to enjoy the company of someone special.

Sun Tea Jar DIY Project

I bought a plain ol' sun tea jar at Walmart. There were plenty of different colors to choose from...but surprise, surprise...I choose red. ;) I painted Strawberries and Daisies all over the jar and coated the painted parts with a sealer. I would recommend washing the painted jar by hand to protect the longevity of the painted details.

Makeover Monday

I am thankful to have a fireplace... not that I need it (EVER) in South Texas... but it is nice entertain the thought of having a warm fire on a cold winter night. However, what on earth do I hang above THIS mantle?? ...After much contemplation and shopping around to find something that would "go" with our decor and compliment a higher mantle... we (husband and I) decided that we would make our own wall art! (Blame it on watching way too much HGTV).

May Day! May Day!

Spring is definitely in the air...the prairie is warming up... flowers are blooming and the birds are starting to pack their bags to head back north.
Today is May 1st...May Day...which is celebrated all around the world with flowers!
What a fantastic way to celebrate. Tradition has it... that you are supposed to fill a basket of flowers and leave it on your neighbors door and sneak away without being caught!