Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've Been Framed!

I apologize for the cheesy title. I am ashamed.
To make up for the title, I am sharing a craft that I've really enjoyed creating...
It is relatively easy and the creativity possibilities are virtually endless!!

My first frame was a 'Vintage Valentine' Inspired heart frame. When I saw this print I lost my marbles! It is so cute... It has the most ridiculous sayings on there! For instance, there is a little girl with ringlets and a stick body typing at a typewriter. Her saying is, "Do I 'click' with you? You're my type"... or another one is a twiddle-dee-looking boy that says, "Speaking of 'Double-Dips' I'm double-dippy over you!"
What does that even mean?? haha Whatever that is... I want it!!

So here is how the frame was crafted...

Step 1: The materials you will need are an unfinished wood frame (I purchased mine at Michael's.), regular craft paint, a piece of scrapbook paper, scrapbook glue (I have found that a tape glue is a great adhesive for this project) and any embellishments you desire.

Step 2: Paint the unfinished wood frame whatever color suits your fancy. I chose red for mine, which should not be shocking to anyone who knows me. I love all things red. ;) I decided to use unfinished wooden words for some of my embellishments... so I painted those, too. Wait for this to dry.

Step 3: Trace the wooden frame and heart cutout onto the backside of the scrapbook paper. Cut out. Remember, it is always better to error on "too big" than to cut "too small". If you cut too small you will have to start over with a fresh piece of paper. Next, tape glue the back of the scrapbook paper and press firmly onto the frame, matching the heart up perfectly. Any remaining paper that overhangs the frame can now be Exact-O knifed off. (I'm not sure if it is appropriate to use exacto knife as a verb...but you get the picture. haha)

Step 4: Use a hot glue gun to attach your embellishments. If you are using 3D type stickers... you can use the tape glue. I find that any wooden or ribbon based embellishments are better glued by hot glue.And you are done!! Easy as 1, 2, 3... and 4. ;)
Here are a few more that I created...

I thought of my little sister, Emily, when I created this one... Mostly because the paper is a bunch of old hand-written letters... and she loves to write letters. Also, because she went through a "Paris" phase... I think she is over that now... but nevertheless, it still reminded me of something she might like.

I have developed a fondness for pretty birds and scallops. This bright and cheery print reminds me of all things good and pretty. :)

I really can't help (or control) my love for red rick rack, red and white gingham or polka dots. I just loved this paper (even though it has none of the aforementioned! I quicklly remedied that with some rick rack!) is so much more bright and vivid in person... it just serves as a reminder that spring is on it's way!!

That is all for today... stay tuned for more doodles, dandies and delights... :)


DeBran said...

So very cute! I have made a couple frames similar to this for gifts...and you are right, they are so very simple, cute and endlessly creative! Love your ideas!

jessica said...

i would like to purchase the middle bottom it up for sale yet? let the bidding begin! hahah! toodaloo!

Le Quaintrelle said...

"and because she went through a paris phase.. I think she's over that now" hahaha true, but it's still delightful!

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