Friday, March 13, 2009

Easy as Pie

I must divulge a juicy secret; I know where to find the best piece of pie on earth. I'm not talking about a tasty dessert that leaves you desiring another bite. No, ma'am. I'm talking about a big ol' plate of sin. The kind that puts crazy ideas in your planning an 8 hour road trip just to get a piece of pie.

Amelia's on the Avenue: A slice of Heaven.

In Waco, Texas, there is the cutest little shop called Sironia on Austin Avenue. We were introduced to this delight by my wedding coordinator, Darlene, who lives in Waco. Sironia is a boutique style consignment shop where your eyes aren't the only thing feasting. Inside Sironia is a chic cafe called Amelia's on the Avenue. It is a haven for women...delicious, delicious gourmet style food with restaurant style prices. And woe to the person who does not save room for pie.
I have only tried the Buttermilk and Buttermilk Pecan pies but, let me tell you, it was enough for me to know that I would be serving their pie at our rehearsal dinner. And enough to make me want to plan a vacation to Waco. haha
But enough daydreaming. Reality says I won't be back to Waco for a while. So! In the meantime, I will bake my own Buttermilk Pecan Pie! And! In the celebration of pie, I will share the recipe with Y'all! (How can you not type with a Southern Accent when typing about Pecan Pie??)

Step 1:
Make your pie crust. I borrowed a pie crust recipe from (If you haven't ever visited this gal's blog... you need to. Such a delight to the eyes.) Of course, I was destined to screw up something... I added 3 cups of milk instead of 3 tablespoons... and wondered why I ended up with pancake batter. haha. The moral of the story is that I remained cool as an irritated cucumber and started over.
Step 2:
Make your Buttermilk Pecan Pie Filling. This recipe really is Easy as Pie!

Step 3:
Pour Filling into Pie Crust and Bake! You are supposed to use a 10 inch pie pan... but, seriously, does anyone have a 10 inch pan?? Well, fine. You do. But I don't. So I'm going to pretend like my 9 inch pie pan was purposely used for a "deep dish" style pie and NOT because I didn't have a 10 inch pan. :) Fill 'er Up!
Step 4:
Let it cool on a wire rack. Take a few bites even though it hasn't cooled yet because you can't wait... and burn your mouth. Then take another bite because you can't wait, but this time you blow on it. ;) Maybe one more bite is needed just to confirm that your husband will like it... that is, if you don't eat the entire pie "taste-testing" before he gets home. ;)

I am a big, big fan of pecan pie. However, I can't stand it when it is all runny in the center when you cut into it. This recipe creates more of a "custard pie" filling and isn't runny. So it's my new favorite. Speaking of custard pie, I've never had it. However, I remember being a little kid and always asking my grandpa (from Oklahoma) what his favorite things were. Color? Red. Animal? Horse. Food? Filet Mignon. Dessert? Custard Pie. Then he'd reminisce on how good his mother's custard pie was. And now I have a small idea of what he was talking about. :)

And, without further ado, here is my Southern (I'm going to add the word Southern because anything following it automatically has credibility. You know you are about to eat sin if it was made in the South!) Buttermilk Pecan Pie Recipe!!

Click on it to make it bigger... and it is conveniently a recipe card for you to print and add to your collection!!

Hope y'all enjoy!

Happy Trails :)

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jessica said...

i was thinking i might attempt it..but then on second thought i will let the expert make it for me ;) so hurry on up! and what i wouldn't give for a lunch at amelia's! there is just nothing like it!

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