Friday, May 8, 2009

Sun Tea DIY Jar

Being raised in Southern California, sun tea is synonymous with summer to me. Growing up, I can always remember my mom putting out a jar of sun tea, taking advantage of our plentiful sunny days. And though it is not quite summer yet, you would think it was in South Texas! It has been HOT. No complaints here though... I have a refreshing glass of sun tea to cool me down. ;)

I bought a plain ol' sun tea jar at Walmart. There were plenty of different colors to choose from...but surprise, surprise...I choose red. ;) I painted Strawberries and Daisies all over the jar and coated the painted parts with a sealer. I would recommend washing the painted jar by hand to protect the longevity of the painted details.

Just fill it up with water... put a few tea bags in and set out in the trusty sunshine. I usually leave just a little bit of room for extra water to be added to dilute the strength of the tea if it gets too dark. Personally, I like strong tea... but that isn't the consensus of the other half of this household. ;)

Watch the tea start to steep by the rays of the sun.

After a few hours (3-4 minimum, longer if you have the patience) your sun tea is ready.

What is so great about the sun tea jar... is you can put it straight into the refrigerator...the spout is perfect for quick summertime refills on the go.

Two tall, refreshing glasses of sun tea... coming right up! One for me, one for hubby. :)
I hope y'all enjoy your FRIDAY!!! And wherever you are, I hope there is plenty of sunshine!


marty39 said...

Oh I do so remember that everyone made sun tea when I lived in California. I just got out of the habit. I really have to make it again. Such a gorgeous jar. Hugs, Marty

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Such a pretty tea canister, it's so cheery!! :) I just love sun tea, now I'll have to get making some!!

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