Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day! May Day!

Happy May Day!!

Spring is definitely in the air...the prairie is warming up... flowers are blooming and the birds are starting to pack their bags to head back north.
Today is May 1st...May Day...which is celebrated all around the world with flowers!
What a fantastic way to celebrate.

Tradition has it... that you are supposed to fill a basket of flowers and leave it on your neighbors door and sneak away without being caught!

If you are caught, you are supposed to give a kiss. That might be crossing the line a bit in this day and age... may I suggest a friendly, "Happy May Day, neighbor...I hope you enjoy your flowers." :)

Other fun May day festivities include a May Pole... where brightly colored streamers are attached to a pole... everyone grabs a loose end and walks in a circle to make a colorful decoration.

In London, children will take flowers door to door and get pennies in return. They take their pennies and make wishes in the wishing well.

Flowers are such a simple way to brighten a person's day. However you celebrate, remember to stop and appreciate God's little lovelies around you!

Happy May Day!


DeBran said...

I like your signature!!

Le Quaintrelle said...

Did you actually put that basket of flowers on your neighbors door and then run away? The kids knocking on someone's door to get pennies sounds like something Ella would do, just so she could throw it in a fountain. haha

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