Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Hoedown Wreath

Have I mentioned that Halloween is my favorite time of the year? Oh I have? Right. Well it is. I love when I see people incorporate their own style into holiday decorating. It makes a home feel a little less "bought" and a little more personal. After all, isn't it so much more enjoyable coming home to a place filled with all of the things that you love?

I suppose it is no secret that I love all things western. I couldn't wait to incorporate a little western flair into my Halloween decorating. I started with a fun Halloween Hoedown Wreath.



It is a collection of gingham and bandana... the perfect western touch for your Halloween door.

DIY tutorial:

Materials needed:

1 straw wreath (14 inch wreath shown here)

2 orange bandanas

2 black bandanas

.25 yard of black and white gingham fabric

.25 yard of orange and white gingham fabric

Jute rope

Screw Driver


Step 1:

Cut the fabric with pinking sheers into 1-2 inch x 3-4 inch strips. Place the strips into piles.


Step 2:

Punch the center of the strip into the straw wreath with the screw driver.


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