Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going Ga-Ga at the Goodwill.


First things first. Allow me to apologize for the quality pictures you are about to see. We only have one camera in our family and my husband took it today. What you are about to witness is the poor quality of a camera phone. But I lost my marbles at the Goodwill today and thought it would be inappropriate if I didn't share my loot for y'all to see. :) And no, I couldn't wait for the camera. Shall we?

Guess Shirt Dress.


Never you mind those wrinkles.


I love the Indiana Jones-ishness.

Or perhaps a preppy safari?

Forget I said preppy. I'm wearing this baby with boots!

Try to stop me.


Guess. I know!

Similar to this Guess dress:


Which is ON SALE at the Guess website for $89.99.

I purchased my similar Guess shirt dress for...

Drum roll please!

Price $3.35



A white slip to go under my Guess shirt dress.

Price $1.59


Braided belt to wear over shirt dress.

Price $1.59

Gap Shirt



This shirt fits like a glove. And it's practically brand new! I love it!

Price $3.35

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