Boots & Bonnets

There is plenty or work to be done at the homestead...but after our chores are done, there is no shortage of hootin' and hollerin' good times on the prairie! Boots and Bonnets is a place to pretty up... and delight your eyes on dandy outfits and accessories to wear on everyday outings to the general store... and something "prairie chic" to wear out to the town square on Friday night!

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Hi my name is Melissa and I am a Polyvore-aholic. If you haven't been to the Polyvore website or don't know what I'm talking yourself the trouble! Don't even bother looking!

Jon and I went to the Navy Goshawk Ball and had an absolute hoot. :)
I'll share a few pictures from our night...

Its Met Monday!! I have been planning many metamorphoses, however, it was such a busy weekend with the ball and all...that I didn't undertake anything major. If you recall, I had a guest writer, Emily from Le Quaintrelle, on my blog for Frugal Fashion Friday this past week. She gave tips on how to successfully thrift store shop for clothes (in case you missed it, you can find it here). I took on the challenge and headed to the Goodwill on Friday afternoon, keeping all of my newly learned tips in mind. :) I found a brown skirt and a braided suede belt... My metamorphosis this week is transforming my skirt (that cost $4.50) into several different outfits. Wish me luck!

We are going to my husband's Navy Ball tonight... and the poochies wanted in on the festivities. So we dressed Dolly in a cute little sailor outfit... and Dallas is pretending to be Iceman Maverick.

Hey y'all! So I am still on vacation out in California... and besides sewing, I haven't been creating anything new. BUT! I did undergo a transformation... so I guess that kind of qualifies me to participate in Metamorphosis Monday. :)

Maxi Dress Fever

Is it just me or is anyone else in love with Maxi Dresses? I mean, seriously... can you get any closer to a muumuu? And it is not only acceptable but stylish?? Count me in! They are so comfortable...and Summery...and totally cute with a pair of flip flops, flats or heels. Needless to say, I am losing my cotton pickin' marbles for Maxi Dresses!

Ruffle Apron

I have been wanting to make a ruffle apron for a few weeks now. I had never seen one before; I thought I had made up a new idea... the likes of which no one has ever seen before...something that would revolutionize the apron industry! Yeah. I was losing my marbles over this idea... I even confided in my sister this top secret apron idea. And then my sister rained on my apron parade, informing me that Anthropologie already makes one. They stole my idea! ;) Ok, maybe great minds think alike... that's what I have convinced myself of anyway.

Embellished Shirt DIY Project

It is no surprise that I enjoy doing little craft projects that give a unique touch to something. When I saw the Farm Chicks post on embellished tanks... I was delighted! What a clever idea... and oh so easy to do! I decided I wanted to find something "fiesta-ish". I just have been in the mood for a fiesta! I am pretty sure it stems from the fiesta-themed baby shower we are planning for one of our friends. ;)

Parasol Pretties

The rainy season is over and there is sunshine aplenty... all the more reason that I am losing my cotton pickin' marbles for these delightful, shade-giving accessories! I can't get enough of the lace and ruffles... how can you not feel like taking a stroll on a lovely day?