Friday, September 25, 2009

Wedding Week: Rehearsal


We got to Moon River Ranch bright and early on Friday morning to start decorating and get everything set up the way we wanted it.

As I had previously mentioned, I just had to incorporate the boat house into the wedding festivities somehow. We decided it would be the perfect place to have our rehearsal dinner. This suggestion was met with some gentle opposition... as the ranch had never had an event in the boat house being that it was kind of "rustic". However, I had a vision... and just knew it would be perfect for us. I am all about rustic and authentic... and it didn't get much better than this.

My mom, Emily and I started the set up for the rehearsal dinner which included setting up tables and chairs, rearranging furniture already in the boat house and decorating with a few of our touches.


The boat house is right on the Brazos river, so we thought a "Bayou" theme would be the perfect fit.


There is a big porch deck that sits over the river.


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