Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wedding Week: The Dress

The wedding dress.

This is the one part of the wedding I looked forward to the most.

You get to go with your mom, sisters and friends...

Try on dresses. Feel beautiful.

Allow me to burst this euphoric bubble with a big, fat dose of reality.

Trying on wedding dresses was fun for the first 30 minutes.

Shop after shop... I didn't like anything.

My experience with dress shop employees was a complete lack in the customer service department. No one seemed genuine or sincere. They told you what would make you buy the dress... with the exaggerated "Oh my goodness. You are the most beautiful bride I've ever seen in that dress. This feels like the one!" Yeah. They say that to everyone. And even worse, they play on your emotions and react accordingly. If you come out of the dressing room (because mom insists on seeing every single one) with a scowl on your face... then it won't be their "favorite" on you. However, if you come out with slightly greater than apathy expression on your face... it is their mission in life to convince you that you've found your dress. UGH.

I originally wanted a big ol' ball gown. Not necessarily because it reflected me or the style of my wedding...but because it was what I always wanted. So a ball gown was all that I was really looking for.

That, and a sweetheart neckline.



Everyone said this was the one. I disagreed. I felt like a big ol' fat marshmallow. I didn't like how I felt in it. This was NOT the one.


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