Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jon and His Jet.

Jon is heading out to the boat today.

Let the nervous breakdown begin.

Did I mention he was landing on a boat?

That moves. Sways back and forth. Up and down.

In the middle of the ocean.

And did I mention that he is going to approach this flailing deck in the water at over 135 mph in attempt to catch a wire with a 6 inch hook that hangs four feet off the tail of his jet?

And I signed up for this level 10 panic attack?

I did, however, calm a little bit of my nerves today. I got up excruciatingly early... and sat in the LSO shack on the end of runway and watched Jon do touch and go's... in preparation for the boat.


Yep, I sat in this tiny little room with the LSO (Landing Signals Officer) a few feet from the runway. It was a hoot! Talk about smelling some jet fuel in the morning!


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