Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Little France in Texas...

The plan for our day was to run a quick errand and grab a delicious Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (yes, I had regular Dr. Pepper... and I enjoyed every bit of it! I'm so bad.) from Sonic-who can turn down happy hour? After our errand, we spontaneously decided to keep driving and driving. And driving. We are still relatively new to this area and haven't done a whole lot of exploring.

As we were driving we remembered a restaurant that was recommended by some friends. So the story goes...Texas boy falls in love with French girl during WWII. He marries her and brings her back to the states. Boy, oh boy... I can only imagine her hopes for the excitement of New York City or glamour of Hollywood. Nope. She was brought back to smack dab in the middle of South Texas! HAHA! Welcome home! ;) That is a testament of true love all right... talk about culture shock. :)

That is the story we heard anyway. What we do know... is the cute French gal opened up an authentic French cafe after all of these years! We have been wanting to go (it is about 35 miles south of us) but have had our weekends planned with other things. So today (after Jon found out he wasn't flying, thus, having the day off to spend with me-yippee!) during our random decision to tour South Texas small towns... we decided to have dinner at the French cafe.

Again, pictures are from the camera phone as I was only expecting to be gone for 5 minutes... didn't exactly think to grab the camera to document our trip to Sonic. ;)

We pulled up to this tiny little restaurant right off the highway... Andres Family Restaurant.

We walk in and realize NO ONE else is in there. It is one of those awkward moments... are we supposed to be here? Is it open? Then the sweetest older gentleman (obviously the owner) greeted us with a big ol' Texas welcome... and gave us our pick of tables. ;)

The menu had two options: French. Texan. Your choice.

We didn't drive all this way for a Texas menu... although the fried mushrooms, zucchini, pickles and onion platter did look delightful. We'll save that heart attack waiting to happen for another day. ;) I ordered the chicken flambe off of the French menu... chicken in a wine sauce with raisins.
Jon ordered the Boeuf Bourguignon (Beef Tips).

Both were delicious. I've decided that I like French food just fine. Especially when it came to their special creme brulee served in a chocolate bowl with raspberry sauce. I wish I had a picture to show you... but I'm told it was devoured before it hit the table. I have no recollection of even eating it... that's how fast it went. ;) But, if I were to remember, I would say that it was the best creme brulee I've ever had!

Nothing like eating classy French food with a big ol' glass of Texas sweet tea!

Here I am. Pardon my "less than fresh" face... it was 131 degrees outside with humidity like you wouldn't believe (Or at least a California girl living in Texas wouldn't believe). I've noticed that it does wonders to your hair. Literally. You wonder what the heck happened as it lays flat and stuck against your face.

Nevertheless, we will be back. The owners are too cute. All of the French recipes are not only authentic... but the French lady cooks them, too! :)

I was overly ambitious with the blog tonight... two posts in one night! Sheesh. I think it is bed time! Goodnight y'all!


southerninspiration said...

so where in south Texas is this little cafe??? How far from southwest Houston?? :)

Sounds fabulous!

jessica said...

only you guys. haha. jon looks "pleased as punch" haha. and you would think you would have learned by now that you leave your camera in your purse at ALL times. you never know when you might need it. i am never without mine...and i have been so happy when those unexpected moments pop my cloud pics just recently ;) haha. and seems you've had a couple of posts that should have taught you a lesson. hahaha! :)

The Flying Pinto said...

Looks like a cute place!

I know what you mean about the 130 degrees! We just got home from Cape Cod, where it was a delightful 60 or so degrees! Yikes, TX is HOT in the summer: )

Blondie's Journal said...

I only believe this becausre I saw the menu!! Texas and French cuisine!! Creme brulee!! Oh my!!

I hope you plan to go back!!

I can live without that heat! Tomorrow we are supposed to hit 70 for the first time in weeks. That is unusual for Chicago, but I can't complain...


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